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Get the TileBlock Game

Google Play Store Link:


Check out: for a simple tutorial with pictures. 




TileBlock Game - a simple descriptin:


Collect similar tilevalues into one tile by tapping a tile, all neighbouring tiles with same value get collected and added up on the tile you tapped. The color changes to green, indicating a increased value. 


If you tap a tile with yellow tiles around, the values get distributed to those tiles, the tile you tapped becomes a yellow tile. The color changes to red, indicating a lower value. If the value distributed has remainders, those are lost for ever...


If you tap a tile with no similar neighbours, the value decreases with 1 and the tilecolor becomes purple. Indicating a loss.


Look at the help pages for more information or a simple tutorial for level 1 at:


Create a user with your nickname, and become a world master in your level !


There are 27 levels to achieve... all from 16 to 100 tiles, in progressing difficulties.


The aim is to just have one or a few tiles left, with highest amount of tilenumber on shortest amount of time.


Watch the Scoreboard at top, if loss and 'tiles' are 'yellow' or green you will most likely achieve next level and get your score on the world rank.


No sensitive data is collected from you as a user. We are reading Phone State to collect data about the device, so the game can run gracefully. That's all folks...

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